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  • Quick Guide Video The Colorado Fishing Atlas Quick Guide video covers the basics of map navigation, map layers, tools and more.

  • Trip Planner Video The Colorado Fishing Atlas Trip Planner video illustrates how you can use the Atlas to locate a great opportunity specific to your skill and interests anywhere in the state of Colorado.

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For questions about specific wildlife species or Parks and Wildlife management practice including, but not limited to hunting, fishing or land-use, please submit your question to AskCPW.

For local Parks and Wildlife office locations and contact information, please use the Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Office Directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What does SWA, STL, SFU, WWA, and GMU stand for?
    A: SWA=State Wildlife Area

    STL=State Trust Land
    SFU=State Fishing Unit
    WWA=Watch-able Wildlife Area
    GMU=Game Management Unit

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Help • Map Information