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Fishing License Agent: Locations where fishing and hunting licenses can be purchased.

Recommended opportunities

Family Friendly: The "Family Fishing" designation is assigned to those places with 1) easy access*, 2) typically an available restroom and 3) a better-than-average chance of catching a fish. * Easy access is defined as a <= 100 yard walk on a gentle slope with a hard surface

More remote fly fishing: This is the result of asking our Aquatic Biologists to provide a handful of low order trout streams that would provide a "rustic" fishing experience (ie. walk-in, out of the way, fly fishing, high mountain, etc.) for each of the following trout species: Brown, Brook, Cutthroat and Rainbow.

Ice Fishing: Those places typically suitable for ice fishing. Keep in mind that seasonal conditions vary.

Accessible Fishing Area: Places that have a handicap accessible fishing pier.

Fishing Information Point: These points represent our super-set of CPW identified and reviewed fishing opportunities. Clicking any of these points using the Identify Tool will provide you with a host of detailed information. Please note this does not represent every fishing spot in the entire state.

Stocked with catchables (~10 inches): These waters have been stocked by CPW with catchable fish three out of the last three years.

Boat Ramp: Known public boat ramps.

Special Fishing Regulations: Those waters that are governed by Special Fishing Regulations as listed in Chapter 1 of the Wildlife Regulations. Some Property specific regulations have not been mapped, but can be found in Chapter 9. For all regulations please consult the CPW Regulations Page.

Stream Gage: Locations of stream gages. Use the Identify Tool to obtain a link to real time flow rates.

Gold Medal Water (Streams and Lakes): High quality aquatic habitats that offer the opportunity for trophy trout fishing and angling success. Specifically, any river segment or standing water which is producing a standing stock of at least 60 lbs. per acre and at least 12 trout 14 inches or longer per acre on a sustained basis.

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Places of Interest

Emergency: Locations that provide services on an emergency basis, such as law enforcement and medical services. Current as of April 2011.

Field Office: Locations of various agency offices, such as Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Forest Service (USFS), or Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Most of these office locations can provide locale information to visitors. Current as of April 2011.

Chamber of Commerce or Welcome Center: Locations for other sources of information for an area of Colorado.

Campgrounds and SWA Facilities: Locations where camping may be available. Check with the respective managing agency for more information about camping during hunting season.

CPW Public Access Properties: Publically accessible properties owned or managed by the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Land Management (COMaP v8): Statewide parcel data by land manager. Data provided by the Colorado Ownership, Management, and Protection project at Colorado State University.

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